What We Do

Leading Edge Business employs the most credentialed and experienced IT support team on the Mid North Coast.

Our team of highly qualified IT professionals offer skills and experience that rival the largest of our city competitors yet we deliver them with a service level not afforded by our competitors.
Below are our key areas of specialisation.

Network Infrastructure - Consulting, Design & Deployment

Our team of Cisco, Brocade, Lenovo DCG (IBM) and D-link certified engineers are highly experienced in the design and implementation of local area (LAN) and wide area (WAN) network technologies supporting large organisations.

We have a deep understanding of the complex networking technologies and standards that are available in this field and can assist any organisation in designing high performance, highly available networks.

Recent Projects

  • Port Macquarie Hastings Council Core Network Design & Implementation
  • Port Macquarie Hastings Council HA Border Network Design and Implementation
  • Port Macquarie Hastings Council Access Network Design & Implementation
  • Midcoast Council (Taree) Brocade Storage Network Implementation
  • Midcoast Council (Taree) Core and Access Switch Implementation
  • Forbes Shire Council Nexus Storage Network Implementation
  • Expressway Spares Dell Storage Network Implementation

Recent Projects

  • Port Macquarie Hastings Council Compute, Storage, Virtualisation and Disaster Recovery design and implementation
  • Midcoast Council (Taree) Compute & Storage design & implementation
  • Forbes Shire Council Cisco Nexus & EMC Storage Area Network design & implementation
  • Becloud Networks Compute & Storage design & implementation
  • Expressway Spares Storage and DR design & implementation

Data Centre Infrastructure - Consulting, Design & Deployment

At the core of every large organisation is their data centre. Our team are responsible for the design and installation of highly available data centre solutions for some of regional Australia’s largest employers.

Our team hold data centre technology certifications from Cisco, EMC, Lenovo DCG (IBM), Microsoft, Nimble Storage (HPE), Veeam and VMWare.

Security Services - Consulting, Design & Deployment

Through our strong partner relationships with network security heavyweights Check Point and Cisco, we offer industry leading security solutions that can offer true Zero Day protection. From network perimeter to the network edge and beyond to mobile users.

Security requirements are ever changing with the evolving threat landscape. Our clients have peace of mind in knowing that they are using the same suites of security appliances and applications as Australia’s largest organisation.

We are trained and experienced in the design, deployment and management of these suites of appliances and applications.

Recent Projects

  • Port Macquarie Hastings Council HA Firewall Cluster, Management Server and Remote Sites
  • Midcoast Council Perimeter Firewalls, Management Server, Endpoint Zero Day and Remote Sites
  • Forbes Shire Council Perimeter Firewall and Remote Site.

Cloud Partners

  • Amazon Web Services
  • IBM Softlayer
  • Microsoft
  • VMWare

Cloud Computing Solution Design & Deployment

Our team can design and deploy full Cloud or Hybrid Cloud solutions to meet your organisations requirements whilst maintaining network security.

Many of our clients are utilising Hybrid Cloud solutions which are secured using the same security technologies mentioned above. This relieves the concern around Cloud security, removing corporate road blocks and easing the transition.

We choose to partner with Tier 1 cloud providers including Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and VMWare to ensure our clients critical data is both adequately secured and also accessible independently of the service provider to remove another layer of corporate risk.

Active Directory - Consulting, Design & Deployment

With multiple Microsoft certified engineers in our team we have the skills and experience to design and deploy robust, highly available Microsoft Active Directory based networks for any size organistation.

Government Procurement Contracts

Our Port Macquarie office is an approved a government procurement panel contractor and actively supply products and services to Local and State Government entities.

Please contact us for further information on how to engage under these supply contracts.

Managed IT Services & Support Contracts

As an award winning managed service provider, our support contracts and management offering are regarded as the very best in the industry

We utilise the latest in network management and monitoring tools yet are set apart from our competitors through the significant reporting and validation processes our engineers undertake to ensure that our monitoring and automation is not only accurate correctly resolving issues, but to ensure that we can quickly access, remediate and restore your network when disaster occurs.

As one of the largest regional Managed Service Provider’s in Australia, our staff have significantly greater access to our partner resources and training than that of our competitors.

Click here for more detail on our support offerings.

Points of Difference

  • Awarding winning managed service provider.
  • Fully qualified IT professionals holding 'current' certifications.
  • Over 2500 devices under management.
  • Industry leading management, monitoring and automation tools.
  • Superior reporting and audit processes.

Small Business Support

Small businesses make up a very important part of our clientele.

Whilst our larger clients need highly available infrastructure to support their operations, small businesses have the very same pain points, albeit with reduced budgets. This is something that our small business team understands.

Through engineer designed networks that meet best practice and our strict technical standards, that are backed by our award winning Managed IT Services offering, Leading Edge Business provide our clients with a solution that is without peer in regional Australia.

Whether your business is an accountancy firm, legal firm, medical practice, medical specialist, real estate agent, manufacturer, food processor, nursing home or any other industry to whom your IT infrastructure is critical, we will provide a service level that you are not currently receiving.

Training & Adoption

Training services are available with every level of supply and implementation that our organisation provides to ensure that our customers get the very most out of their investment.

Our Port Macquarie office features a 30 seat training room with video conferencing and electronic white board facilities and is available to our Network Management customer free of charge.

Due to our strong relationships with our vendor partners we have been able to provide free enablement training direct from our vendors in our Port Macquarie office, saving our clients significant travel costs. Our vendor partners who have participated in this training have included Microsoft, Nimble Storage and Apple.